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por | enero 24, 2022

Thanks to the new natural supplement Alkotox, it is easier to get rid of this addiction before it becomes a real pathology. In modern society it is not difficult to develop addictions, most of which lead to dependence. One of today’s most serious problems is excessive alcohol consumption. We all know the short-term symptoms of a hangover, such as headaches, nausea, inability to concentrate, etc.. However, few people realise the serious consequences that can result from developing an alcohol dependence.

Addiction occurs because alcohol increases the production of dopamine, a hormone that causes cravings. Therefore, as you begin to drink alcohol on a regular basis, you will gradually find yourself forced to increase your dose and become addicted.

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Is Alcoholism a Disease?

There is a lot of confusion about alcoholism and how it affects those who find themselves dealing with it. some believe that it is a lifestyle choice and that to stop drinking you simply have to decide to do so. However, those who know more about the issue, know that behind what is considered by many to be a simple vice there is actually much more to it.

Alcoholism, like drugs is a type of substance addiction that leads to numerous physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dysfunctions for those who are «affected» by it. Alcoholism, as easily deduced, is a type of disorder resulting from excessive alcohol consumption – a condition in which an individual is unable to control his or her alcohol consumption or continues to consume alcohol even when it causes problems in his or her life.

Generally speaking, any type of disorder resulting from spasmodic alcohol consumption should be a cause for concern, as even a mild disorder can quickly turn into alcoholism if not taken care of.

Come si sviluppa l’alcolismo?

Alcoholism is not a switch that can be turned off and on again. It develops over time and usually v are certain risk factors that make the individual more susceptible to developing this issue. The most common risk factors are:

Previous history of substance abuse or dependence;
Problems with addiction or alcoholism in the family;
Abandonment or abuse experienced during childhood;
Problems getting accepted by society.

When a person begins to «abuse» alcohol, meaning drinking more than five drinks a day or 14 drinks a week for a man or more than three drinks a day or seven drinks a week for a woman: the abuse itself, in combination with risk factors can lead the individual to become increasingly tolerant to large amounts of alcohol, which then, in a vicious cycle, causes addiction

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The symptoms of alcoholism

Let’s take a look at what are considered the major symptoms of alcohol dependence:

  • Inability to control the amount of alcohol consumed or the amount of time spent drinking;
  • Inability to stop drinking, even when you decide to do so;
  • Inability to focus on anything other than the next drink;
  • Inability to keep up with personal or professional commitments;
  • Relationship problems;
  • Loss of interest in other activities previously thought to be enjoyable;
  • Participation in risky activities during or as a result of drinking;
  • Desire to drink even when it causes leads to mental or physical health problems;
  • Increased tolerance to alcohol, i.e., the need to increase doses in order to feel the same effect;
  • Withdrawal symptoms when stopping alcohol consumption.
  • Drowsiness;
  • Babbling;
  • Inability to concentrate;
  • Loss of coordination;
  • Flushed eyes;
  • Regular hangover symptoms.

Alkotox: how does it work?

Alkotox is a new product, with a natural composition, which, as confirmed by the already numerous reviews on the forums, is useful in the battle against alcohol addiction.

If taken as indicated by the manufacturer, this preparation is able to help to:

  • Lower the desire for alcohol;
  • Relax the nervous system;
  • Improve the psychophysical state;
  • Assist liver function;
  • Counteract the action of toxins in the body.

All without contraindications or side effects, thanks to the delicate and safe composition.

Formula and natural ingredients

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Alkotox is a combination of active and effective components.

  • Thyme extract: helps to counteract the action of toxins and normalize the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Blueberry extract: has the ability to lower the desire for alcohol, has hepatoprotective effects and significant disinfectant capabilities;
  • Milk thistle extract: acts on the nervous system relaxing it. It helps to eliminate alcohol intoxication effectively;
  • Kudzu root extract: it is able to reduce the toxic effect of alcohol on the body, counteracts hangovers and improves the work of the cardiovascular system.

Peppermint extract: has a positive action on psychological factors and is able to lower the desire to drink.
As you can see, this is a totally organic composition, which can be taken by anyone and does not require a prescription, unlike other products sold in pharmacies.

How to take Alkotox to benefit from its effects.

This supplement is marketed in a unique water-soluble powder which should be taken daily according to the directions on the original product packaging. As can be deduced Alkotox should be diluted or in water and taken for at least 30 consecutive days, although its assumption can be extended for as long as necessary to obtain the desired benefits.

Being a product with an absolutely safe composition and of natural origin, Alkotox can be taken by anyone at any age. Its benefits will be noticeable from the first days of intake and will stabilize as you go on with the treatment.

Order Alkotox on the official website to get the discount

If you think and this product can be useful for you, as it has been for thousands of men and women around the world, you just have to do is order it directly from the official website (be wary of similar products sold on online platforms such as Amazon or Ebay, as they could be scam products).

Currently, the manufacturer, which handles orders directly, is offering on the official website Alkotox, an exclusive launch discount, which allows you to receive an entire treatment with 50% off its normal list price.

By entering the few required data in the order form, you are quickly contacted by a customer service advisor, to whom you simply have to communicate the shipping address at which to receive the product. Product that will then be paid in cash on delivery.

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Set goals to reduce alcohol consumption. Write down how many drinks you want to have per day and how many days per week you want to drink. Noting down your goals can help you remember that you want to limit your alcohol consumption.

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