por | enero 24, 2022

✅1. True hunger.

There are no complaints about true hunger – it signals to us that the body urgently needs a recharge in order to continue working smoothly and without failures.

✅2. TV hunger.?

Is it possible to just turn on your favorite TV show and not grab something to eat from the kitchen? Just like that. Unintentionally. Scientists have found that a person whose attention is focused on something else at the time of eating consumes more calories than if they were focused on the food.

✅3. «Boring» hunger.

You’ve already unpacked your closet, washed it, and cleaned your entire apartment. Now it’s time to see what’s in the fridge, because there’s nothing else to do.

✅4. «Angry hunger.

When you are angry, your blood sugar level goes down and your cortisol (stress hormone) level goes up. You are irritated and ready to rush into action and… eat everything in sight.

✅5. «Nervous» hunger.

We become completely indiscriminate when we’re nervous. So before you get to the chicken breast on the top shelf of the fridge, you’ll eat everything you see on the shelves below.

✅6. PMS hunger

Your determination to eat right, drink lots of water, and exercise every month is shattered by these three letters. PMS. Your hormones kick in and you’re a different person.

✅7. «Visual hunger.

Visual hunger is also known as «ate because I saw. You go into the kitchen, see a plate of cookies on the table, and unknowingly reach for them (you can do it once).

✅8. «Holiday Hunger.

There’s nothing wrong with Sunday dinner with the family. Trouble begins the moment overeating becomes the only scenario for any celebration.

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